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consensio / events

Battle Of Bands

Battle of the Bands is a contest in which two or more bands compete for the title of “best band”. The winner is determined by the general response of the audience or the band who brings the most people to support them. Traditionally, battles of bands are held at live music events and forums


1. Songs of any Genre (Rock /Jazz /Blues /Rock-n-Roll /Country /Pop/ Reggae/ Alternative /Contemporary /Fusion /Any-other) are welcome in the competition.
2. Songs of any language are allowed in the competition.
3. All bands must perform minimum 1 (one) own original composition. The Original Composition must be of minimum 3 minutes. The Lyrics of the Original Composition in writing (along with translated meaning in English, in case the original composition is in any language other than English) must be submitted at the time of registration.
4. Explicit or offensive lyrics/gestures/misconduct will guarantee immediate disqualification from the competition and will lead to immediate expulsion from the stage.
5. Alcohol/drugs/smoking and all such objectionable things are strictly prohibited in the entire campus.
6. Bands are required to bring their own instruments/gears/add-ons. Only drum kit and sound arrangements (amplifiers) will be provided.
7. Performance cannot be completely unplugged. Maximum 1 (one) or 2 (two) unplugged instruments may be allowed.
8. Minimum 3 band members are required to be eligible for participation.
9. Any kind of programmed/pre-recorded music is not allowed during performance under any circumstances.
10. All bands must register online/offline prior to commencement of the competition. However, only a limited number of bands will be allowed to register on first-come first-served basis, and registration will be closed in sufficient advance if no. of participating bands exceeds the limit.
11. Decisions of judges will be final and concluding under all circumstances.

Guidelines for Preliminary Round:
1. A Band will be given total 10 minutes time for performance and additional 3 minutes for stage setup and sound check.
2. The Performance must include at least One Original Composition (OC) as per specification given in General Guidelines and Rules & Regulations.
3. Exceeding the given time will lead to penalty.
4. Decisions of judges will be final and concluding under all circumstances.

Guidelines for Finals:
1. A Band will be given total 15 minutes time for performance and additional 3 minutes for stage setup and sound check.
2. The Performance must include at least One Original Composition (OC) as per specification given in General Guidelines and Rules & Regulations.
3. Exceeding the given time will lead to penalty.
4. Decisions of judges will be final and concluding under all circumstances.

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“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.”

Prelims :
1. Ethnic
2. Casual
The participants should come prepared with a short introduction about themselves.

Finals :
Round 1
Dress code : Depicting a character from a novel with a short introduction of herself and the character.
Round 2 (Final Round)
Dress code : Evening dresses for girls and Suit/Tuxedo for boys.

There maybe Designer Showcase between the final event rounds by :
1. The Sponsors
2. Royal School of Fashion

1. There will be a preliminary round and a final round.
2. Participants can choose to participate in any of the following categories in the preliminary round.
a) Ethnic
b) Casual
3. Participants have to introduce themselves in the preliminary round.
4. Participants short listed from the preliminary round will participate in the final round. Therefore, the participants should be ready with their costumes for the final round.
5. For the final round there will be an “introduction” segment and a “question & answer” segment.
6. Participants will be judged on the basis of their costumes, conformation to the theme, walk and attitude.
7. Indecency in any form will not be accepted and will lead to direct elimination.
8. The time limit for self introduction will be 1 minute in both preliminary and final rounds.
9. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
10. Use of cigarettes, alcohol, etc is prohibited inside the premises and will be confiscated if found.
11. Decision of the organising team is final and binding.
12. To register click in the link below or check our website mentioned below.
13.There will be no onspot registration.

consensio / events


consensio / events


Basketball Fusion
The event is all about basketball, and we have the following excitements for the challenge takers:
· Shoot-out.
· Dribbling and freestyle competition/challenges
· Lay ups and professional dunks

For Shootout
1. One player plays at a single time.
2. The player gets 10 shooting chances.
3. The position for the first 5 shots can be in accordance to the player, but cannot be too close to the basket to get easy shots. each shot here provides 1 point.
4. The next 3 shots will be at any three pointer range irrespective of the range the player attempted in the first five shots. each successful basket gives the player 2 points.
5. The second last shot will be an attempt from the half court position, and the basket from such will provide him a total of 3 points.
6. The last shot will be a single handed shot, from any three pointer or two pointer range, the success of which provides him 2 points.
7. if the player is successful in getting a total of 12 points out the total of 16 points, he or she is to be awarded with the goodie provided at the event.

For Dribbling and Freestyle Challenges
1. Number of players in a single challenge is up to the innovation of the players and also the discretion of the volunteers and managing committee.
2. The challenges will be provided by the volunteers in the form of chits which will be randomly picked out from a lottery bowl.
3. Each player/ team has to do 3 successful challenges out of the four provided challenges, the success of which

For Lay Ups and Pro Dunks
1) Any player claiming to be ready for a challenge of dunks and lay ups can take part, the task for which will be given either by the volunteers present, or even the spectators watching.
2) Each pro player (as claimed) must have to carry out each of the physically possible challenges without failure, and three challenges will be provided, failing in any of such would lead to his loss to the challenge.
3) It can be consisted with two or max of three players at a time acting as a team or a challenger / defender / barrier.

Gully Cricket
1. Each team should consist 5 players.
2. The match will be of 5 overs.
3. There will 1d, 2d, 4’s and 5d no 6 runs.
4. First ball will always be a trail ball (opener gets to play that).
5. No free hit for no balls.
6. Balling style should be throw ball but with limited pace. Excess pace would be considered as no ball.
7. Other rules will be explained on the ground

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consensio / events


A cosplay, as the name suggests, is a contraction of the words costume play. The participants are “cosplayers” who wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a character. Apart from being an element that is primary in pop culture, it is also a way through which cosplayers connect and celebrate.

For a twist and in respect of recognition of the cosplayers, this event organised under Consensio’18 has a competition round.

Categories to Choose from :
1. Comic books
2. Anime/Manga
3. Gaming
4. Movies
5. Television

Competitive round details
Each cosplayer will be given 10 minutes to present themselves to the judges and the audiences. In this duration, the cosplayer must speak about their character, details of their costume and present dialogues of their character. A short question and answer session will also be included, once the cosplayer is done with his/her presentation on stage.

Costume Policy
1. All entrants must be 14 years or older to compete. Each should present themselves with a copy of their own identity document during the time of registration inside campus.
2. Group costume participation is not allowed as part of the contest. However, they’re only allowed on stage during cosplay parade.
3. No nudity will be tolerated. All costumes should be appropriate for a family-friendly show. Any objectionable element related to this will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
4. Costume cannot depict, and cannot itself, be in violation of any law. Participants should see to it that no messages, signs, political or religious statements are being conveyed through their costumes.
5. All props should be peace-tied. Prop weapons will be allowed, provided they are composed of foam, cardboard, thermocol, light wood or other light materials. Strict security check upon arrival has been mandated.

Basis of awarding the prizes will depend upon :
1. Artisanship/Craftsmanship – How the entrant made their costume, use of materials and creativity.
2. Resemblance/Likeness – How close the contestant resembles the character they are cosplaying.
3. Presentation/Exposition – How the entrant portrays themselves as the character they are cosplaying.

Best costume male – INR 15,000
Best costume female – INR 15,000

NOTE - The competition will be held on the second day of Consensio.