Basketball Fusion

The event is all about basketball, and we have the following excitements for the challenge takers:
· Shoot-out.
· Dribbling and freestyle competition/challenges
· Lay ups and professional dunks

For Shootout
1. One player plays at a single time.
2. The player gets 10 shooting chances.
3. The position for the first 5 shots can be in accordance to the player, but cannot be too close to the basket to get easy shots. each shot here provides 1 point.
4. The next 3 shots will be at any three pointer range irrespective of the range the player attempted in the first five shots. each successful basket gives the player 2 points.
5. The second last shot will be an attempt from the half court position, and the basket from such will provide him a total of 3 points.
6. The last shot will be a single handed shot, from any three pointer or two pointer range, the success of which provides him 2 points.
7. if the player is successful in getting a total of 12 points out the total of 16 points, he or she is to be awarded with the goodie provided at the event.

For Dribbling and Freestyle Challenges
1. Number of players in a single challenge is up to the innovation of the players and also the discretion of the volunteers and managing committee.
2. The challenges will be provided by the volunteers in the form of chits which will be randomly picked out from a lottery bowl.
3. Each player/ team has to do 3 successful challenges out of the four provided challenges, the success of which

For Lay Ups and Pro Dunks
1) Any player claiming to be ready for a challenge of dunks and lay ups can take part, the task for which will be given either by the volunteers present, or even the spectators watching.
2) Each pro player (as claimed) must have to carry out each of the physically possible challenges without failure, and three challenges will be provided, failing in any of such would lead to his loss to the challenge.
3) It can be consisted with two or max of three players at a time acting as a team or a challenger / defender / barrier.

Gully Cricket

1. Each team should consist 5 players.
2. The match will be of 5 overs.
3. There will 1d, 2d, 4’s and 5d no 6 runs.
4. First ball will always be a trail ball (opener gets to play that).
5. No free hit for no balls.
6. Balling style should be throw ball but with limited pace. Excess pace would be considered as no ball.
7. Other rules will be explained on the ground

Rapid Spaghetti :

Spaghetti noodles, soda cans and it’s still not an evening snack. A fun and exciting minute to win it game where one needs to create a pyramid of empty soda cans using dry spaghetti noodles in their mouths. Transfer the pyramid of cans from one table to another and you win the challenge. Simple right ! Just one problem , make sure you are not hungry and don’t eat up the spaghetti.....

1. Each team shall consist of 2 players.
2. The time limit of this game is 60 seconds.
3. The use of hands is strictly prohibited, except while placing the spaghetti sticks in the mouth.
4. A player shall be given only 3 spaghetti sticks to complete the game.
5. One of the player has to take the spaghetti sticks and place it inside the straw holder of a soda can and the 2nd player has to carry the soda can using the spaghetti in the mouth to form the pyramid.
6. Both player shall have to place 3 cans in the form of a pyramid to win the game. If the pyramid breaks while forming , the players will have to start forming the pyramid from scratch.
7. Following the above rules is mandatory

Pen Wars :

Taking down notes and etching sketches. Have you ever wondered what else you could do with your pen. Well pen wars has the answer. Battle it out with your buddies using your pens in this awesome interactive game. It is time to turn your favourite school pass time into an addictive and exciting competing event. So , let your pens loose and strike....

1. The game shall start with both players dropping there pens on the table to determine the starting positions.
2. Each players shall gently flick their pen trying to push his/her opponents pen completely of the table . the player whose pen remains on the table wins the round.
3. The players with the best of 3 rounds shall win the game.
4. No modification shall be allowed for any pen.
5. The use of ink pen is prohibited
6. The decision of the referee will be final and binding.
7. Any player not abiding by the above rules or mis-behaving with the opponents or referee will be liable for dis-qualification .
7. Following the above rules is mandatory

Reel It In :

Remember the days, when listening to favorite tunes on the cassette player came with an unwanted and troublesome hinderance. The reel getting stuck on the player did not just put a halt on your music but also demanded unnecessary effort in rolling the real back into the cassette. Consensio 2018 brings you, the same old mundane task but in an interesting, more competitive and fun way. Time to put those fingers to work.

1. It is an individual event where each player will try to complete the game in the least possible time
2. Each player shall be handed an audio cassette with its reel out completely. The players shall have to roll the reel back into the cassette using only their hand.
3. The player to complete the game in the lowest time wins.
4. Incase the reel gets tangled the, players shall have to untangle it and continue with the game
5. Incase, the reel snaps during rolling, the player will have to forfeit the game.
6. Abiding by the above mentioned rules is mandatory for all players.

Ping Tac Toe :

This game is played by 2 players. 2 players will be playing the game of tic tae toe with ping pong balls. Both players have to bounce the balls on cups placed in a formation 3x3 grid like a tic tae toe game.

1. Both players will be given 3 balls each of different colors.
2. When the clock starts, player may grab and bounce 1 ping-pong ball at a time.
3. Player may only use 1 designated hand to bounce the ping-pong balls.
4. After landing 1 ping-pong ball in a cup, player must throw the other color ping-pong ball until they land another that color.
5. To complete the game, the player must get 3 balls of the same style in a line in any direction within 60 seconds.
6. If multiple balls land in the same bucket, that bucket can no longer be used to create a line. Balls may not be retrieved from a bucket.
7. Time limit for this game is 60 seconds.

Fitness Challenges :

1. All participants must carry their own items required for the event. Track pants and sporting or T-shirts are mandatory for all the participants to take part in the event.
2. The event will start at 11:00 am Sharp, so all participants must ensure that they arrive the venue before the aforesaid time.
3. Water facility will be provided by the event organisers.
4. Misbehaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.
5. The decision of the fitness instructor will be final.
6. Prizes will be distributed separately for both boys and girls securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

Fitness Challenges Consists of the following circuit and winner will be decided based on least time taken by one participant to complete the circuit.
Boys :
1. Skipping 60reps
2. Push up 40 reps
3. Squats (40kgs) 10reps
4. Battle rope
5. High knee jump 8 reps
6. Run 50 MTR
Girls :
1. Skipping 60 reps
2. Squats 30kgs (including bar) 10reps
3. Push press (free bar) 12 reps
4. Burpees 10reps
5. Box jump 8 reps
6. Run 50mtr

Boys :
1. Skipping 100reps
2. Chin ups 20 reps
3. Burpees 10reps
4. Lunges 10reps (20kgs)
5. Deadlift (40kgs) 10reps
6. Tyre flip 30mtr
Girls :
1. Skipping 100reps
2. Deadlift 30kgs 10reps
3. Kettle bell swing (8kgs) 10reps
4. Battle rope
5. Tyre flip (small) 30 mtr
6. Run 50mtr

Iron Fist (Arm Wrestling) :


1. Armwrestling regulations allow 60 seconds for both competitors to report to the table after they get called.
2. Failing to be at the table within one minute means a forfeiture of the match.
3. Both challengers must be square to the arm wrestling table before the start of any given match.
4. The term 'set grip' gets called by the tournament referee. The competitors then have a further 60 seconds to negotiate a grip.
5. You cannot touch any part of your body with any of your hands during a competition.

Basic Setup in Arm Wrestling :
• A proper setup requires a palm-to-palm grip with your thumb knuckle showing.
• Gripped hands must be level over the center of the table and your wrists must be straight.
• Shoulders must be square to the table and your free hand must grip the hand peg.
• Your shoulders should not be less than a fist distance away from your hands.
• The rules allow you to wrap your leg around the leg of the table or brace it against the opposite leg. That is providing it does not interfere with your opponent.
• Any misbehaviour by participants will straight away lead to disqualification.
• Event organisers will not be responsible for any injury or harm to participants.