The wheel is an extension of the foot,
The book is an extension of the eye, Clothing – an extension of the skin, Electric circuitry – an extension of the central nervous system

· Any number of teams from each college can participate.
· Each team consists of 2 members.
· Do not touch any circuit without taking safety measures.
· There will be two round (prelims and final round).
· The top 6 Teams clearing the screening test will reach the final round.
· Winners and runners-up teams will be decided by the teams completing the circuit within the limited time and also on their grasp of knowledge on that particular circuit.
· Minimum time for 1st 6 team will move to the final. If there is a tie then we will see the marks of quiz, then also we find the same marks, then there will be bullet round among them.
· Using any form of unfair means and offensive words is strictly prohibited, and the use of which may lead to disqualification from the event without any further enquiry.
· The organizing team has the right to change the venue, time and rules if desired.


Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Preliminary Round:
· Consists of 4 subtasks:
· Code shrink – shorten large code using your coding skills (C/ C++)
· A challenge in NFS: Most Wanted
· Enigma – decode the given subject
· Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
· Each task will begin only after completion of the previous task. The ordering of the tasks will be given at the event.
· All tasks will be time based.
· The top 5-10 teams will move on to the final round based on their total score.

· Will comprise of events testing presence of mind and team spirit of the team members.
· The event of this round will be communicated on spot.

General Rules
· Only team entries are eligible.
· A team shall consist of 2 – 5 members.
· Online registration available.
· Teams willing to go for on-spot registration are requested to check the website or contact the organizing team for further details.
· Each participant should bring their respective college/school ID proof.
· The decision of the judges will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
· Surprise round in the case of tie among the teams for selecting the winner
· Use of any form of unfair means/offensive words is strictly prohibited and the use of which may lead to direct elimination from the competition.

Robo Race

"The future of mind"
The aim of the challenge is to make a wireless robot that can travel through the different terrains and complete the track.

· The specification of the robot will be given in prior to the participants.
· Use of any logo on the robot will be strictly prohibited.
· The wired robot will not be allowed for the competitions.
· Each group can have 2-5 members.
· The robot design must have the four individual directions for the movement (forward, backward, right and left).
· The robot should not cross or touch the track line and it will be disqualified from the race if it is cross or touch the track line.
· Judges’ and coordinators’ decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.
· Any team that is not ready at the specified time will be disqualified from the competition automatically

· The dimensions of the robot will not be exceed 25 X 25 X 25 cm3.
· Wheel size: 40 to 60 mm outer diameter and thickness 20 to 30mm.
· The participants have to use motor driver controller.
· 12 volt, 150 rpm DC motor.
· HT12E encoder (transmitter).
· HT12D decoder (receiver).
· BD139 (NPN) and BD140 (PNP) transistors.
· 12 Volt DC battery.
· Wire connectors.
· Multi-comp terminal block (if necessary).
· Bread board/ circuit board.
· Buttons for the transmitter kit.


"From Concept to Creation"
To build the bridge with in our specifications that has the highest payload to weight ratio. The bridge must be constructed of approved material

· Each group must consist of maximum 3 members.
· The time duration for the competition is three hour.
· Criteria for judgment- the greatest load prior to failure will be a bridge's capacity & the capacity divided by the bridge mass will be the bridge's score.
· The participants need to possess their own belongings viz. scissors, cutters, pencils, erasers, rulers etc.
· The materials for making the model will be provided viz. Popsicle sticks, thread, gum, thermocol, etc.
· The participants have to manage with the materials given. Deduction of points on extra items.


Recycle today, for a better tomorrow.

· Any number of teams from each college can participate.
· Each team consists of 2 members.
· Each Team can use only waste materials for making the electrical models.
· Each Team has to make electrical model within limited time.
· The decision of the judges is the final.
· Any kind of indecent behavior or unfair means will leads to direct elimination.
· The time limit for completing the round is 0200 hours